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We are gearing up for our 2017 outdoor season and we hope you find all the information you are looking for.
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Welcome to the Home of AudienceOfOne

Through Audience of One, there is an opportunity for families to bond, athletic exposure for each athlete who participates, and the training necessary to aid each participant in reaching their maximum potential.Taking each of these components into account, the end result of this equation will produce a generation of athletes who understand hard work, dedication, and the importance of a balanced lifestyle both mentally and physically.

"We develop Speed"
Success in sprinting is the product of three factors: 1) stride frequency, 2) stride length; and 3) anaerobic endurance. With proper training and coaching an athlete can enhance their performance level by improving any or all of these three areas.  1) technique or mechanics of running, 2) proper training or metabolic development, 3) flexibility, 4) strength development, 5) practice sessions including drills, and 6) race techniques and strategies including breathing techniques.

Character~ Integrity~ Humility~ Hard Work

*Season 2016-17